What is advocacy?

Advocacy is a free, independent and confidential service that assists you to know your rights and to have more voice, choice and control when decisions are made that affect you.

“My advocate really listened and helped me feel included in what was happening. They understood the system and gave me the confidence to be involved and speak up, even though I didn’t get everything I wanted.”

How can an advocate help?

An advocate is someone who will:

be there just for you and to take your side

help you to find and understand information

help you to consider your options and make your own decisions

ensure that your views, wishes and feelings are listened to and considered

speak on your behalf when you need them to

Is the advocacy helpline for me?

Yes if:

you are 18+, live in Greater Gwent (Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport, Torfaen), and need help talking to professionals in public services about your care and support needs

you are a carer aged 18+, live in Greater Gwent and need help talking to professionals in public services about either your own care and support needs or those of someone you care for

you are a relative, friend or professional who thinks a person may benefit from advocacy

What happens when I contact the advocacy helpline?

We offer information, advice and support with signposting and referrals to adult advocacy services. As we are independent of local authorities, the NHS and advocacy providers, we can ensure that you recieve the type of advocacy that is right for you.

We will:

ask you for some basic information, including contact details (in line with data protection regulations)

ask you to briefly describe your situation

inform you about different types of advocacy

discuss which form of advocacy might be most suitable for you

provide information about available advocacy services and how to contact them

Dewis Cymru is the place for information about well-being in Wales. Click here to visit.

Infoengine is the directory of third sector services in Wales. Click here to visit.


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GATA: Business As Usual

Covid has had an impact on advocacy (and other support services) availability and delivery. As restrictions ease, and services reset, we will ensure to do everything we can to keep up to date with any changes and to get you the advocacy support you need.

Intended to be the first port of call, this free telephone helpline can be contacted on 0808 8010566 for advocacy-related information, advice and assistance.

The service is available to Gwent residents aged over 18 who may need help to have their views heard, understand their options in relation to social care and support services they are receiving, or think they may need, and / or exercise more control over decisions that are being made about their social care and support. Carers and practitioners can also contact the service.

We will keep you up to date with any changes, and if you need us, as always, we are here to help!